Palo Alto Networks анонсировала Okyo Gardean для обеспечения безопасной работы сотрудников дома

Palo Alto Networks анонсировала Okyo Gardean для обеспечения безопасной работы сотрудников дома

Palo Alto Networks анонсировала выпуск Okyo Gardean – решения безопасности корпоративного уровня, для обеспечения безопасной работы сотрудников компаний на дому. Решение интегрировано с Prisma Access – облачной платформой безопасности от Palo Alto Network. Используя Okyo Garde вместе с Prisma Access, компании смогут расширить свои корпоративные сети, обеспечить управление унифицированными политиками безопасности и доставить пограничные сервисы безопасного доступа (Secure Access Service Edge, SASE) сотрудникам, работающим из дома.

Permanent work from home means a new wave of cybersecurity challenges

Most corporate-issued devices beyond the laptop cannot be configured with agents or VPN and, therefore, are not secured adequately.

Lack of network isolation in the home exposes corporate devices to attacks from potentially compromised devices on the home network.

Employees’ use of personal devices for occasional work activities and their use of personal email and social media accounts increases the risk of attacks on the enterprise.

Attackers can more easily watch employee behavior at home, and those with elevated credentials are at high risk of cyberattack, putting sensitive company data and applications at risk.

Legacy solutions are inadequate

Endpoint security solutions are necessary but not sufficient to secure multiple corporate-issued devices.

Employees with elevated credentials are not protected with a second layer of security, as they would be on campus, i.e., no defense-in-depth.

Personal devices are unprotected yet increasingly used by employees and actively targeted by attackers as a path to the enterprise.

Solutions designed for traditional branch offices are complex, costly, and inefficient for deployment across thousands of employee homes.

Introducing Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition

Enterprise-Grade Security with Consumer Simplicity, Built for Work from Home.

Defense in Depth

Multi-layered protection for all corporate devices and for employees performing highly sensitive work at home. Integrates with Prisma® Access to bring SASE to the home network.

Enhanced Network Experience

Mesh-enabled Wi-Fi 6 system offers a high-speed corporate segment to provide employees with campus-like connectivity for improved productivity.

Simplified Operations

Single-pane-of-glass orchestration for simplified operations. Zero data center footprint. Minimal effort by IT admin and employee for setup.

Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition includes an optional, separate, private security subscription for the employee’s personal home network at no additional cost. That way, work from home is protected, and the whole home is protected.

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