Sound Forge Pro 11
Производитель: Magix (Sony Creative Software)

Sound Forge Pro 11

Sound Forge Pro— цифровой аудиоредактор от MAGIX (в недавнем прошлом - от Sony Creative Software), направленный на профессиональное использование.

All MAGIX programs are developed with user-friendliness in mind so that all the basic features run smoothly and can be fully controlled, even on low-performance computers. The technical data for your computer can be found in the control panel of your operating system.


Processor: 1 GHz

RAM: 512 MB

Graphics card: Onboard, min. resolution 1024 x 768

Sound card: Onboard

Hard drive space: 500 MB for program installation

Program language: English

An Internet connection is required for program registration, validation and individual program features as well as one-time registration.

FILE FORMATS AUDIO/VIDEO   Import Export SOUND FORGE Pro Project Files (*.frg) CD Audio (*.cda) Direct Stream Digital DSD (*.dsf) Audio Interchange File Format AIFF (*.aif;aiff;*.snd) ATRAC Audio (*.aa3;*.oma) Dolby Digital AC-3 Studio (*.ac3) AVC (*.mp4) MainConcept AVC/AAC (*.mp4;*.avc;*.aac) Dialogic VOX ADPCM (*.vox) Intervoice (*.ivc) DLS Instrument (*.dls) FLAC Audio (*.flac) DDP GIG Instrument (*.gig) MainConcept AVC/AAC (*.mp4;*.avc;*.bsf;*.264;*.aac) Sony AVC/MVC (*.mp4;*.m2ts;*.avc) MainConcept MPEG-1 (*.mpg;*.mpeg;*.mmv;*m1p;*.m1a) MainConcept MPEG-2 (*.mpg;*.mpeg;*.m2t;*mmv;*.m2p) MainConcept MPEG-2 (*.mpg;*.m2v;*.m2t;*.m2p) MPEG-2 Transport Stream (*.m2t;*.ts;*.mts;*.m2ts) LPEC Audio (*.msv;*.dvf) MP3 Audio (*.mp3) NeXT/Sun (Java) (*.au;*.snd) NeXT/Sun (Java) (*.au;) OggVorbis (*.ogg) QuickTime 7 (*.mov;*.qt;*.dv;*.gif;*.tif;*.tiff) QuickTime 7 (*.mov) Raw Audio (*.raw) Shockwave Flash (*.swf) Sony Perfect Clarity Audio (*.pca) Sony Wave64 (*.w64) Sound Designer 1 (*.dig;*.sd) Sound Designer 1 (*.dig) Video for Windows (*.avi) Wave (Microsoft) (*.wav) Sonic Foundry Audio (*.sfa) Windows Media Audio V11 (*.wma) Windows Media Video V11 (*.wmv;*.asf) Windows Media Video V11 (*.wmv) XDCAM EX (*.mp4) Sony MXF (*.mxf) SoundFont 2 Instrument (*.sf2)

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